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The Four Kinds of Rain Harvesters

The Four Kinds of Rain Harvesters

The rain harvesting industry serves a diverse range of customers, from the conservation-minded gardener with a 50-gallon rain barrel to a residence that depends solely on rain for its potable water supply or the corporate campus requiring a 50,000-gallon galvanized tank for landscaping needs.

To help each type of rain harvester find products that are appropriate for them the below icons can be found on many product pages on our website. These icons seen around the site represent what kind of rain harvester a product is suitable for. This system is made to help you more easily determine which products may be suitable for your use. Many products fall into more than one of these categories and so can be used for multiple purposes. To find out which category you fall into, read the different types below!

Also, if you would like simple recommendations on certain products for your rank, visit our recommended products page.




The Commercial rain harvester is usually a project specifier, such as an Architect or Engineer, designing an integrated system for a  university or corporate campus, residential facility, municipal building, manufacturing plant or other large operation with extensive water requirements. Throughout the RHS online catalog, the icon above is placed next to products that have proven most efficient in Commercial projects.


The Professional needs a tank that can hold between 5,000 and 30,000 or more gallons of rain, and a typical project is designed and installed by someone with extensive experience in building rainwater harvesting systems. The icon above identifies products in our online catalog that the Professional may use. Professional systems may produce an independent supply of potable water that can be used for all purposes, indoors and out. They collect most of the runoff from the roof into one large storage tank or a cluster of smaller tanks. A Professional system is often required for water storage by firefighting departments.


The Standard rainwater harvester is a home or business owner who wants to collect and store from 300 to 5,000 gallons in either single or multiple tanks. The icon above identifies rain harvesting system components that the Standard user may require. The needs of the Standard user may be similar to those of the Hobbyist or include additional requirements, such as foundation moisture control, watering a small lawn or filling a swimming pool or pond. Standard users may want to connect landscape drip applications or conventional sprinkler systems to the rainwater system


The Hobbyist is typically a homeowner who wants to collect and store between 50 and 250 gallons of rainwater for use on flower beds, vegetable gardens, container gardens and ornamental beds. Throughout the Rain Harvesting Supplies online catalog, the icon above is placed next to tanks and other products that have proven ideal for Hobbyists.


Which rain harvester are you?




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